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Technical Hot and Cold offers complete air duct cleaning services in to help you maintain a clean and healthy Metro Detroit home. Take advantage of Technical Hot and Cold’s air duct cleaning services to ensure healthy air quality in your home today. Schedule an air duct service appointment and breathe easier in a healthier home.

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Metro Detroit Air Duct Cleaning, Repair, and Installation

Technical Hot and Cold utilizes high efficiency air cleaning systems that help relieve allergy symptoms and eliminate household odors caused by mold, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and VOCs. In addition, we install humidifiers and dehumidifiers that increase the comfort level and air quality of your home.

Licensed Air Duct Contractors in Metro Detroit

Technical Hot and Cold’s professional technicians are on-call to perform complete air duct cleaning services to your home in Metro Detroit Michigan. Trust our experience and reputation when hiring a local air duct contractor. Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner home after our air duct cleaning technicians remove all dust, debris and particles that are present in your air ducts.

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