Commercial Make-Up Air Units

Michigan Commercial Make-Up Air Units

Michigan Commercial Make-Up Air Ventilation

Technical Hot and Cold offers commercial make-up air units that help maintain good indoor air quality in commercial buildings, including medical facilities, apartment buildings, schools, office buildings, factory environments and restaurants. They help keep a proper air balance pressure between rooms so you can control air flow within the commercial structure. Commercial make-up air units help offset negative pressure associated with buildings that utilize exhaust systems.

Commercial Make-Up Air Unit Types

  • Economy
  • Inline Filtered
  • Modular Packaged Unit
  • Rooftop Filtered
  • Accessories

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Make-Up Air Systems

Packaged HVAC rooftop and indoor make-up air units complement a full line of industrial HVAC products that we offer for installation in your commercial building. We offer make up air units for commercial, industrial and kitchen applications. Contact Technical Hot and Cold to learn more about our commercial make-up air units and ventilation service and repair in Michigan.

Make-Up Air Unit Repair

Technical Hot and Cold accommodates industrial and commercial make-up air system repairs and maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency in your facility’s ventilation system and to promote healthy air quality within your commercial space.
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Updates
  • Certified repairs
  • Removal and replacement
  • Make-up air installation

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