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In these hard economic times, everybody is looking for ways to save money.  At Technical Hot and Cold, we have many energy saving products that will keep your energy costs down.  On average, Americans spend 46 cents of every dollar they pay in utility bills for space conditioning.  Don’t waste another dollar on energy if you don’t need to.

The EnergyGuide label on home heating and cooling equipment is intended to help you do just that. These labels provide a "snapshot" of the more in-depth energy efficiency and usage information that manufacturers are required to provide with their products. Technical Hot and Cold is the best for heating and cooling in Detroit.  We carry many quality products that are energy efficient. Here are some main concerns with residents shopping for air conditioners in Metro Detroit.

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Why should I care about energy efficiency?

There are three factors in the total cost of an appliance; The purchase price, cost of repairs, the cost of operation and the maintenance price.  If an appliance is more energy efficient, then the cost of operation is less, leaving you with a cheaper bill.  Also, using less energy is great for the environment, keeping air pollution down and helping to conserve natural resources.

Is there really that much of a difference among the various models on the market?

The Department of Energy sets an energy efficiency standard.  Some products just meet the minimum while others beat the standard and cost less to run.

Is one system more efficient than another?

The difference is in the motor, compressor, pumps and valves.  Two models can look exactly the same on the outside, having less-obvious features that make a big difference in your monthly costs.

How can I be sure energy efficiency claims are not just sales hype?

Manufacturers must use standard tests developed by the Department of Energy to prove the efficiency of their products. Many have these tests performed by independent laboratories. The test results are reported on the EnergyGuide labels, and through fact sheets provided by the manufacturers or in industry association directories.

Technical Hot and Cold is a full-service commercial HVAC company based in Metro Detroit. We will service your existing commercial plant or work with you to design and install a new residential conditioner for a newly occupied commercial space. Technical Hot and Cold can accommodate a large variety of residential heating, cooling and ventilation service requests including furnace and air conditioning repair, installation and scheduled maintenance.

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