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Here at Technical Hot & Cold we know that service makes the difference and realize that the cooling systems are the heart of any machine intended for a long service life.  We provide spare parts, maintenance and service to Schimpke chillers in plants throughout the U.S.  Spare parts are dispatched the same day as the order arrives, by any shipping means needed to meet the customer’s demands.  Added to these services to accommodate ongoing technical upgrades, we also offer professional consulting service for Schimpke products.

Schimpke Full-Service System Maintenance and Repairs

Technical Hot and Cold is the exclusive Schimpke dealer in North America, and we make sure our service accommodates the needs of our valued customers across the country. Ship us your Schimpke chiller and we will repair it at our facility. We will make the repair and run a load test on your equipment to insure proper operation before we send it back to you. We accommodate plants all across the country and we ensure thorough quality service. Call us about our turn around time and questions regarding this unique service.

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*Remember, Technical Hot and Cold will service your Schimpke equipment right in our facility. This service is much more cost effective if your facility is beyond 50 miles from our location. Call a Technical Hot and Cold Representative at (888) 828-8317 to discuss this Schimpke equipment service option.

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