Furnace Maintenance

Most furnace manufacturers and heating contractors advocate having your furnace inspected by an authorized service technician before each winter season. Technical Hot and Cold offers Genuine OEM Lennox Maintenance Kits. as well as qualified service technicians who have the experience and proper instruments to check components the homeowner may overlook.

Here are some tips the average homeowner can do to prevent problems throughout the heating season:

  • Turn off the power and gas before doing anything to your furnace.
  • Replace the air filter using a quality pleated type filter. Most filters should at least be inspected monthly.
  • Remove and clean the drain trap clearing out all drain lines. Bleach can be poured through the drain lines to kill bacteria that will restrict condensate flow.
  • Inspect the intake and exhaust furnace pipes outside the home to be sure trees, shrubs and other foliage have not overgrown into them. If possible, detach the air intake and exhaust pipe at the furnace to check for leaves or other foliage that may have gotten into the pipes.
  • Inspect wire connections for loose or shorted wires and inspect factory plug harness connections to ensure they are securely connected.
  • Vacuum out the inside burner and blower compartments to prevent dirt from getting into the burners and blower motor.
  • All other jobs should be performed by an experienced technician.

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