Commercial and Industrial Humidifiers

    • 1000 PSI High Pressure Humidifiers
    • Fan-Based Humidifiers
    • Direct Space Humidifiers
    • Steam Humidifiers

Michigan Commercial Humidification

Humidity control is an important factor in maintaining a safe, comfortable and productive commercial or industrial facility. A number of manufacturing processes require specific humidification controls to ensure quality production. Technical Hot and Cold accommodates a number of industrial and commercial humidification requests covering a wide variety of Michigan business and manufacturing specifications.

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Commercial and Industrial Humidification Applications

  • Woodworking – Relative Humidity
    Proper humidity levels prevent wood warping, bowing, shrinking, checking and glue joint problems.
  • Paper – Relative Humidity
    Prevents shrinkage, equipment problems and static electricity
  • Electronics – Relative Humidity
    Proper humidity prevents permanent, latent or intermittent damage from static electricity.
  • Textiles – Relative Humidity
    Proper humidity prevents fibers from becoming fragile and breaking during all phases of storing, handling and machining operations.
  • More Applications – Relative Humidity
    Painting, factories, cooling, cold storage, HVAC, labs, baking, aviaries, greenhouses

Commercial Humidification Benefits

  • Significant energy savings
  • Reduces static electricity
  • Allows relative humidity control within your commercial space
  • Improves comfort and indoor air quality

Technical Hot and Cold Humidification Systems

Humidity control systems from Technical Hot and Cold are designed to maintain your desired relative humidity, preventing manufacturing defects due to low relative humidity. We provide professional commercial and industrial humidification solutions that dramatically save energy and cut costs while meeting today’s more stringent indoor air quality requirements.

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