“Ship to Us” Chiller Repair Service

Schimpke Chiller Repair

Certified Schimpke Repairs and Updates

Technical Hot and Cold offers a unique Schimpke chiller service option for customers utilizing commercial chillers across the United States. We allow our customers to ship us the chiller equipment that needs service repairs or updates and we perform the repair right inside our warehouse facility. We have certified technicians run the appropriate tests and checks to ensure proper service was made to each chiller. After the equipment is cleared, site and all agreed upon services are performed as per manufacturer specifications, drugstore the unit is sent back to your facility ready to be utilized once again.

Professional Schimpke Product Support

As the exclusive Schimpke dealer in North America, we make sure our service accommodates the needs of our valued customers across the country. We do business with plants all across the country and ensure thorough quality service. Call us about our turn around time and questions regarding this unique service. Our knowledgeable staff can advise you regarding repair decisions, “ship to us” repair rates and Schimpke chiller purchase options.